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Explore Our Wide Selection of Women's Day Jewelry

It is believed that God couldn’t be everywhere which is why he created women. It couldn’t be any more accurate as women are multi-faceted in an unimaginable way. Bearing and conquering multiple roles and being a certain someone to somebody, a woman is the one who makes it happen. The first one to wake up, the last one to hit the bed and expecting nothing in return, the term superwoman is an understatement.

We celebrate every woman on International Women’s Day which falls on the 8th of March and this year Laviscart cherishes every female across the world with our Women’s Day Jewellery collection.

To bring a smile to your face is a promise we keep, and what’s better than a dainty piece of Women’s Day Jewellery.


Shopping for jewellery for women is not as complicated as it looks. Neither do you have to rack your brains remembering what she scribbled down on her wishlist nor explore websites that suggest women’s day gift ideas that are extremely banal and useless? Laviscart has come up with the best women’s day gift molded into an all-new women’s Day jewellery collection.

Spread out to all sections, this women’s day jewellery collection has an array of gold plated necklaces and silver-plated necklaces for your birth giver and gold-plated rings and silver-plated rings for your beloved partner .

Women’s Day bracelets for sisters and your female friends who make the dull times brighter and gold-plated earrings and silver-plated earrings for your daughters and nieces who complete you and your family. 

Celebrate Women’s Day with the Perfect Gift of Jewelry

Strong, independent, and ensemble players, are the perfect expressions to delineate women. Embrace womanhood this season as you explore women’s day jewellery.

A unique women's day gift for every woman who surrounds you uplifts you, and makes life worthwhile. 

For your mother, your first and forever confidant and supporter. From giving birth to you to revolving her life around yours, she has sacrificed every aspect to keep yours fulfilled and her magnanimity knows no bounds.

 A gold-plated necklace or a pearl twirl necklace would make her so proud and happy.

To your sister, who grew up hounding you but saved you every time you got in trouble. A human diary that keeps you and your secrets safe but we aren’t sure if she’ll safeguard your women's day jewellery.

Award her her piece of a bead bracelet or a flutter fly mobile charm and let her know that you secretly care for her.

To your partner, the true meaning of home in a person and an anchor during tough times. She juggles her career, her partner, her home, her children, and her ambitions perfectly well while being on her feet always. She’s a new-age mother, a working mom, or a homemaker, she's got your back.

A gold-plated or silver-plated ring like the Lovira ring or the Tulip Bud ring will send her a sign that she’s the jack of all trades.

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