Collection: Green Phone Charms

Explore the Collection of Green Mobile Charms 

Make them green with envy as your deck your green mobile charms on your phone case. Green Mobile Charms are not for those who dress simply and functionally, they are for those who are bold and don’t hesitate to boast about their gallant adventures. 


A lengthy day spent at the grocery store and you have ticked everything you listed off your checklist. Stuffed your shopping cart belongings in the deck of your car and you’re driving home happily, thinking about how productive your day has been. Just as you begin unloading your shopping , there’s absolutely no space to hold your phone that lies on your front seat. Your hands are occupied and you don’t want to take two rounds to the car and back. How you wished you had a string or a lace that would go around your arm and let your phone hang in peace . That’s when you’re reminded of a mobile charm.

We just imagine how we enjoy looking at lush green lawns and sea green tides clobbering against the sand banks. It’s tranquility and peace in its natural form and we often underestimate the different shades of green. Imagine the differently shaded green on your green mobile charm with a matching green pop socket and green earphones. 

Does your phone seem plain jane to you whilst everyone is rocking coquette stickers, blingy accessories or fabric tassels on theirs? Let Laviscart offer you a green coloured mobile charm that goes well with the vibe and personality you spread. Chutzpah, Décor and Adventure.

Different Styles and Designs of Green Mobile Charms 

Laviscart is the home to all types of mobile charms. We keep experimenting with styles, colours and designs to launch something profligate that maybe never seen.

Choosing the right phone charm strap can be a fun and exciting process, but it can also be overwhelming with so many options available

 You may want to ask yourself questions like :-

  1. Why do you want a mobile charm ? Is it to eschew your phone getting cracked or stolen or is it to click flawless mirror selfies for your Instagram game or is it both?
  2. What is your personal style and the quality that you are looking for? Are you vestal enough to get yourself a White Mobile Charm, cute and youthful enough to style a pink mobile charm, trendy enough to enjoy a blue phone charm or classy enough to cherish your purple phone charm? 

Look for a phone charm strap that is made of high-quality materials that won’t fall apart upon tough usage .

Shop the Best Selection of Green Mobile Charms at Laviscart

Fairy Dust Island Mobile Charm is love, care and belongingness wrapped up in the form of a mobile accessory. It is a stunningly crafted Green Phone Charm which all your friends will be asking where you got yours!

Green Barbie Core Mobile Charm is handmade with high-quality materials, and cute phone charm will match your phone case perfectly and add a touch of style to your look. It looks chic and elegant while taking a selfie. Curated in tones of lime and chartreuse , putting it on doesn’t take more than 10 seconds.


How can I match my green mobile charm with my phone case? 

We might be biased and suggest you to pair our Green Mobile Charms with any phone case but our sense of style of lack thereof may result in a blunder. The best way to style a green mobile charm is to don a green, teal, shamrock, transparent or a translucent phone case. 

What are the popular designs in green mobile charms? 

Add a touch of personality to your phone with our collection of unique green phone charms. Mini and full sized green mobile charms shaped like hearts, stars and crystals will make your heart flutter. Laviscart caters to the Y2K aesthetic, corporate niche and the college going trendsetters.

Where to buy unique and stylish green mobile charms? 

Laviscart is an online marketplace for specifically crafted jewellery known for its curated selection of unique and stylish green mobile charms. They offer a diverse range of designs, from minimalist to intricate, ensuring there’s something for every taste. 

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