Collection: Office Wear Necklaces

Buy Office Wear Necklaces for Women for a Stylish and Professional Look

Is it one of those days where your outfit doesn’t match with your jewellery and you’re envious of your colleagues’ fashion sense? 

Laviscart launches its all new and exclusive office and professional collection with an array of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. It is time to look chic and tasteful professionally best as you are spotted wearing an office wear necklace that is one of a kind.


In addition to enhancing their necklines, office wear necklaces are popular among professional women since they rapidly accentuate an outfit. You can choose from a variety of office-wear necklace types to wear something stylish. When selecting an artificial necklace for office wear, keep in mind to choose a color that complements your skin tone the best.

Numerous women from all over the nation have told us that office wear chains allow them to express their personalities in a manner that other accessories, like bags, shoes, and makeup, cannot. It is a sign that you take pride in your appearance and that you care about how you come across

A lot of thought and immense brainstorming was concluded when Laviscart introduced a variety of office wear necklaces for ladies.

Styling Tips for Necklaces in Office 

Maneuvering the internet to find the perfect office wear necklace that ticks all your checkboxes and lounges on you like a boss? The thought itself tires us. Laviscart as a brand, has a detailed segregation of necklaces according to the price, style, and color. We provide necklaces that fit into various budget ranges like necklaces under 700, necklaces under 1000, necklaces under 1200, and necklaces under 2000 with no compromise in quality whatsoever. Divided by color, our necklaces are either gold-plated or silver-plated as we firmly believe in the color theory. Lastly, we have organized them into styles and occasions namely office necklaces, party necklaces, and everyday necklaces.

To take a dip in a pool full of office and workwear, you want to look the part. Office-wear necklaces do their job probably better than you do ( pun intended).

A layered necklace hanging right in the middle of your collared shirt or a rose gold necklace paired with a pair of drop earrings could create an impact in every room you walk into.

Office wear necklaces also take upon geometric necklaces or statement necklaces that turn your no-nonsense day into a productive one.

Trendy Necklace Designs for Office Wear 

The evening date office wear necklace by Laviscart is so laid back yet happening. Giving the hint of having a romantic getaway post working hours, this evening date necklace shows us how enigmatic you are.

Arabian Bow necklace will surely voice your opinion if your boss isn’t ready to lend an ear. With a touch of ivory, the bow is followed by two crystals dropping right below.


What necklace lengths are considered most work-appropriate? 

To choose a perfect office-wear necklace that falls and lies right between the clavicle for a simple look, 16-18 inches is the ideal length.

Any shorter would give the illusion of a choker whereas any longer would be a matinee.

Can I still wear statement necklaces while maintaining a professional look?

While shopping for office wear necklaces, a simple pendant necklace is the simple way to rock professionalism mixed with style. Statement necklaces can get difficult to style, and accessorize and might overpower your actual motive. Keep it minimal and professional with subtle pieces like a delicate chain necklace.

Can I wear the same necklace with multiple outfits throughout the week? 

Yes,  100%. There’s nothing wrong with wearing the same necklace to work every day as your aim is to look more refined and polished. Office wear necklaces are versatile and multi-purpose to adapt to any outfit and any situation.

What types of metals are best for office wear necklaces to avoid tarnish or damage? 

Stainless steel, 18K Gold plated necklaces and Silver Plated Necklaces are ideal when it comes to investing in sturdy affordable jewellery. Delicate necklaces are subjected to wear and tear and tarnishing upon exposure to chemicals, perfumes, liquids, and dust. 

This should not be a problem with good quality necklaces since a regular wipe with a jewelry cloth will keep them looking bright and new.

What are some upcoming trends in office wear necklaces to keep an eye on? 

Evil eyes, dual tones, rose gold and a pop of color is what will keep you in the limelight. Pendants enclosed with refined edges and delicate but unbreakable chains will always take another form but never go out of style.

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