Collection: 18k Gold Plated Necklaces

18k Gold Plated Necklaces For Women

The saying “less is more” exercises it’s impact on all aspects of our life and for us, it works out on to jewelry as well. To appropriately dress for multifarious occasions, we will see why a gold plated necklace is a piece that is highly underrated yet a timeless classic.

For how long are you going to be in the quest for gold plated necklaces that you spot in every Instagram post but just cannot find the perfect pendant or stainless steel?

Our 18k Gold Plated Necklaces Collection just does the task for you. Whether you’re looking for those dainty pendants or an interlocked chain that goes with every dress in your wardrobe, let us provide for you. Crafted and designed with utter precision and simplicity in mind, each piece is a timeless addition to your classics.


Exquisite bar necklaces adorned with intricately designed brooches to statement 18K gold plated necklaces that demand attention, our collection invites you to individualize yourself into a woman who bears finer taste. Indulge in the world of meticulously selected necklaces for women who absolutely love and show off their jewellery with pride and joy. 

This stunning accessory is not only perfect for extraordinary events but also makes a thoughtful gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or any significant occasion. We house a fabulous ensemble of branded jewellery in a budget-friendly range that isn’t too hard on your pockets as well.

Understanding aspects of 18k Gold Plated Necklaces:

Unique Arrangement: 18k gold plated necklaces are often distinct and abstract in their alignment , and variations may arise due to the ongoing trends as seen on the Internet. 

Fine Materials: All the products that we curate at Laviscart are not only a façade but are genuine results of carefully created metallurgy. Our 18K Gold Plating process goes under numerous steps to form the best of the best .

Trendy and Up-to-date: Our stylish accessories can be paired in multiple ways with all your desired modish looks to help you scale up your style statement and make their jaw drop

Quality of 18k Gold Plated Necklaces:

There indeed, is a lot to explore while we surf through this variety from Gold, Silver and Pearls. Many with dainty pendants, or symmetric designs through the chain or abstract details that turn any morose outfit into a wholesome one.

They say “ All that glitters is not gold” and we firmly stand on the statement. The quality of our Gold plated necklaces is immaculate and thoroughly processed to ensure you receive nothing but sheer perfection.

Styling Tips for 18k Gold Plated Necklaces 

For any accessory to perfectly match your outfit, having a structure to back it up works the best. Layering with different pendants or colors or lengths for experimenting or creating a matching set with similar pendants, earrings and rings could be your trajectory to be a fashionista.

You can find a few staple pieces that are worth wearing often. Geometric 18K Gold bracelets and triangle or rectangular minimal bar necklaces are also very interesting and can be a good talking point! If you are looking for 18K gold earrings, a simple stud instead of intricate or dangling is what works best to complete this look.


What are popular 18k Gold Plated Necklace Designs?

At Laviscart, we study the market to stay on top of trends. Gaining a worldwide recognition, Korean Jewellery and Bar Necklaces are on relatively higher demand in comparison. Evil eye pendants or colourful solitaires that complement your dazzling gown can automatically help you conquer every battle.

Are 18k gold plated necklaces suitable for everyday wear?

Absolutely YES!  18k Gold plated necklaces are designed for day-to-day wear.Their simple and understated style makes them universally beautiful, allowing you to incorporate them into your college or office outfits. They can complement both casual and more formal attire, adding a touch of simplicity with delicacy.

Can I mix and match 18k gold plated necklaces with other jewelry?

Layering is the boss of the season and we stan this trend like no other. Multifarious options of mixing and matching different colours like gold, copper and silver or different styles like chokers and triple layered necklaces are ubiquitously seen throughout the world

How should I care for my 18k gold plated necklace?

18k Gold plated Pendant Necklaces are very low maintenance and come with an Anti-Tarnish and Anti-Allergy quality. What we would suggest is to avoid chemical exposure like harsh perfumes and lotions and clean storage in a dry place .

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