Collection: Silver Plated Rings

Stunning Collection of Silver Plated Rings for Women

Paving the way for Laviscart’s beguiling Silver Plated Ring Collection that amounts as a constellation of thorough craftsmanship and sheer artistic creations.

Renowned for our palatial quality concerning the plating process, we promise durability and anti-tarnish, providing a balance between aesthetics and practicality in silver plated jewellery.

Not only restricted to formal occasions, Silver Plated Rings are multipurpose accessories. Dress it up with a flamboyant midi-dress or a faux leather outfit  or tone it down with a simple kurti-palazzo set to scamper off to college , our silver plated rings will never let you down.


The Allure of Silver-Plated Rings

Gold Plated Jewellery has become a rare commodity and paved the way for Silver Plated Jewellery especially rings. Highly versatile and moderately priced, silver-plated rings are an A-game choice for jewellery connoisseurs.

Additionally, silver plated rings offer immense versatility with intricacy in designs and patterns. Thoroughly complex studs and carefully crafted abstract patterns, the silver-plated rings collection by Laviscart leaves no stone unturned.

Laviscart's  Featured Collections Of Silver-Plated Rings

Upon wearing a monotone outfit, pairing your silver plated ring with silver jhumkas, oxidised choker or a minimal necklace by Laviscart will not come second to anything else.

Brimstone Ring by Laviscart that features a delicately polished silver band that carries the scourge of a breathtaking butterfly spreading its wings. The butterfly on the silver plated ring encapsulates a graceful melange of rectangular crystals laying side by side.

Callisto Ring by Laviscart is our modern take on the Gen-Z trends capturing eyes on Instagram feeds. On days filled with positivity and good vibes, don’t let anyone ruin it as this silver plated ring nesting below a marquise shaped evil eye keeps it at par.

Styling Tips for Silver Plated Rings

In the ever-changing world of fashion, wearing rings in silver plated is a style statement these days. Silver Plated Rings aren’t riding up everyone’s alley and you need a certain edge to yourself to carry such a unique yet winsome jewellery piece .

In order to make bold and unique style choices that go with a silver plated ring , try layering by wearing several silver necklaces of different lengths and a few rings and bracelets of varied shapes. By stacking rings on several fingers you create an opulent, enviable showstopper look.

Fashionistas have stated and denied experimenting with mixing colours when it comes to jewellery. However, Laviscart suggests an iconoclastic opinion of trying coloured gemstones that uplift the lustre of the silver plated ring . Colours like radiant blues or charcoal black serve as the perfect contrast to the silver plated ring.



How long will a silver plated ring last?

Although silver plated rings are eye-catching and effortlessly timeless, the lifespan is what steaks away the thunder. Upon proper care and maintenance, silver coated rings can last you up to 6 months – 1 year. However it severely depends upon the quality of the silver plated, the thickness of the layer of silver and the regularity of use .

Do silver plated rings tarnish?

Silver plated rings only contain a thin layer of silver that is attached to the base layer of a different metal. This aspect makes it fairly easy to be tarnished or damaged . After wearing off, only particles of silver are vestigial on the silver plated ring which makes it worthless .

Can you wear silver plated rings every day?

With everyday wear, the thin layer of silver plating can begin to wear away, revealing the base metal underneath. This can cause the jewelry to lose its shine and appear dull or discolored. It is advisable to not don silver plated rings frequently.

How do we take care of our silver plated rings? 

Upon being in contact with any harsh chemicals or substances, silver jewellery can corrode permanently.
Silver plated necklaces and jewellery pieces should be stored in air-tight containers or plastic bags with a zip top closure that creates a vestal vacuum. 

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