Collection: Blue Phone Charms

For all you early teens, looking to start an effervescent phase of college soon, here’s a little something for you. Blue Mobile Charms. To make those gauche conversation starters and long for the invitation to outlandish parties, you will need something that makes you stand out.

Yes, that’s called the Blue Mobile Charm.

 Dive into the World of Blue Mobile Charms

Gone are the days when you flipped through fashion magazines and Instagram feeds, dreaming of getting all those accessories the model wore even on her phone. After spending years at school under strict martinets, it’s time to actually explore style and flair. Say yes to Blue  , the fashion fairy in disguise. 

A lengthy day spent at college , attending classes back to back and you have ticked everything you mentioned off your to-do list Stuffed your stationary and belongings in the side bag and you’re careening home to relax a little, thinking about how productive your day has been. Just as you begin loading and packing your bag, there’s absolutely no space to hold your phone that lies on your front bench. Your hands are occupied and you don’t want to take two rounds to the car and back. How you wished you had a string or a lace that would go around your arm and let your phone hang in peace . That’s when you’re reminded of a mobile charm.


 Discover the Varieties of Blue Mobile Charms 

Spice up your phone case with adorable aesthetic Purple Phone Charms ! You can loom this through your charging or volume button opening. Quixotic phone cases, pop sockets, mobile charms, card and lip balm holding sockets and portable flashlights are some of the ubiquitous appendages that are spotted.

Laviscart specializes in making high quality mobile charms in multifarious colours. Pink Mobile Charms for girlies who are in their Barbiecore phase, White Mobile Charms for simple and minimally dressed women that stay reserved , Green Mobile Charms for those who aren’t afraid to experiment and play around with their style and Purple Mobile Charms for corporate women  that need something to amp up their game

Shop Exclusive Blue Mobile Charms at Laviscart

Add some quirk to your phone with the season’s coolest accessory, the Mermaid Wishes Blue Mobile Charm. Grab yours now and make your phone stand out in the most charming way!

Shamrock Fantasy Island Blue Mobile Charm is a blue phone charm that you may have fantasized about in your dreams. It’s mini, unique and full of mirth


How do I choose the right blue mobile charm for my phone?

Before purchasing a mobile charm from Laviscart, you got to ask yourself multiple questions. To what end do you need a mobile charm? What purpose does it serve? What is your personal style? What length would you like to have?.

 What materials are used in making blue mobile charms? 

The materials or objects used to make blue phone charms are basic but of high quality. The string is one of the finest plastics to be used whereas the beads and pearls are carefully shaped to a particular shape.

Where can I find a wide selection of blue mobile charms?

 Laviscart is an online marketplace for specifically crafted jewellery known for its curated selection of unique and stylish green mobile charms. They offer a diverse range of designs, from minimalist to intricate, ensuring there’s something for every taste. 

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