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Mobile phone charms are an attractive way to decorate your cell phone. A beaded phone charm can not only protect your phone from falling but also brings unique magnetism to your mobile phone, makes you and your phone more stylish and charming, and let you have a good mood every day.

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Mobile phone charms are an attractive way to decorate your cell phone. A beaded phone charm can not only protect your phone from falling but also brings unique magnetism to your mobile phone, makes you and your phone more stylish and charming, and let you have a good mood every day.

A mobile phone charm will hold your phone tightly and will not allow it to slip off from your hand when you bump into things without weighing too heavy or causing an allergy to your skin


We often recollect nostalgic memories that tug hard on our heart strings , although Laviscart only looks to conquer voguish trends and curate the best out of it.

Heading back to the 90s and 2000s where all we owned were flip-phones that came along with a strap that would go around your wrist like an accessory. Moving forward in time, cell phones became sleeker, thinner and highly subjected to damage upon dropping which made us bring back mobile charms as an added piece of fitment styled into a piece of fashion.

Types of Mobile Phone Charms

Browse through our website to check out the gargantuan collection of mobile charms.

White Mobile Charms that display a sense of purity, friendship and class. If you love yourself a clean, clear and simple aesthetic, this is your cue.

Pink Mobile Charms for those girlies that search for a hint of pink everywhere they go. Yes , we can’t get enough of pink either. 

Blue Mobile Charms for the niche crowd that love playing it safe and being in their comfort zone. Earthy tones and luscious sea waves leave an impact on our blue phone charms too.

Green Phone Charms for those who aren’t afraid to experiment. Be it their first day to college , a regular day at work or a trip they’ve been waiting to go to, Green Mobile Charms is the answer.

Lastly Purple Mobile Charms for the one who are confused on what to pick and what not. These ones are sophisticated, elegant and will definitely stand out from the crowd.

How to Choose the Perfect Mobile Charm

Hailing from the 1990s, we have anew delved deep into the epoch of cell phone charms that are back in action. Parallel to voguish accessories like Minimal Necklaces , 18K Gold Bracelets and Rings, Danglers and Jhumkas, Laviscart now presents to you its wide range of Mobile Phone Charms .

You may be spoilt for choices so let us take you through to decide the perfect pick for you.

Need: What exactly makes you buy a Mobile Charm? If you are buying one for security and protection, we suggest you pick one laden with a thicker string and bigger beads  for amplified sturdiness. On the contrary, if making a style statement is your intention, make sure you hand-pick distinct colours, charms and lengths from our Mobile Charms Collection that mirror your personality.

Quality : What lies at the apex of the pyramid is the quality of a Mobile Charm that is built to withstand extreme wear and tear. Laviscart’s Mobile Charms are created with extreme care and veracity to serve you nothing but the best of the best. All our Mobile Charms undergo a series of processes to increase the longevity.

Features: Once you have reached the Desire stage of AIDA,  you must look out for product features like the length of the mobile charms, the fastening technique and the material of the string to avoid breakage.


What Are Mobile Charms?

A string of colourful or monochromatic beads , pearls or charms lined up next to each other attached to a phone or a phone case for decorative and protective purposes. They can be picked according to your choice in colour ,size and design or can be customised.

What Are the Latest Trends in Mobile Charms?

Mobile charms come in a number of designs, patterns, colours, shapes and sizes. Styles like glossy beads, evil eyes, alphabet beads, pearls, crystals and shells are used to create a kaleidoscopic melange of colour and personality. Star and emoji shaped beads, mini and oversized phone charms have taken the internet in their control and love to play with trends every now and then.

Are Mobile Charms Compatible with All Phones?

Add some quirk to your iPhone or Android with this season’s coolest accessory called a Mobile Charm. It is compatible with all phones and phone cases to give your phone a cool, modish lewk.

This unique and wonderful product is beautifully packaged and ready for gift giving. If not phones, cute cell phone charms can also be attached to bag zips as identifiers, handy sanitizer or hand wash bottles and watches to produce a fashion statement.

How Do You Attach a Mobile Charm to Your Phone?

Check your phone for a dedicated attachment point shaped into two or more minutely sized holes. Many phones have a small hole or loop specifically designed for attaching charms. This attachment point is usually located near the top or side of the device or also on phone covers.

Alongside, your phone charm will contain a loop string, a keychain ring or a clasp that needs to be twisted around and fastened for protection.

Can Mobile Charms Damage My Phone?

Cell phone charms are strings wreathed with beads or crystals that can be attached to your phone or phone case for added style, versatility and protection from cracked screens. 

They act as wristlets that go around your wrist allowing you to have a tenacious grip over your phone.

In no way do they damage your phone or phone case

Where Can I Buy Mobile Charms?

Phone charms are widely available across various marketplaces and brick and mortar shops in India. 

Although Laviscart does mobile charms better than anybody else. A wide variety, a warranty scheme and something for everyone, do we need to say more?

Are phone charms still popular in 2024?

Phone and its accessories are now collectively a part of our outfits, which justifies the resurgence of the trend of using mobile charms. Users have collectively spotted celebrities, youth icons and content creators donning such wacky and kitsch mobile charms , making their street style top-notch.

How to Attach a Phone Charm?

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