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 An 18K Plated Gold Bracelet stands on top of berserk dreams that capture your heart every night. Their polished finishes and unique, geometric shapes make them shine from every angle. Be it photographs or face-to-face interactions, these Gold plated Bracelets will strive to steal the limelight.

It's important that you match your bracelet to these accessories and vice versa. An 18K Gold Cuff needs to go along with gold drop earrings or a choker necklace.

You won’t want to take these off – and you won’t have to!


The Benefits of Choosing 18k Plated Gold Bracelets

With our anti-tarnish technology, your bracelet will maintain its stunning shine and brilliance, ensuring a long-lasting, lustrous appearance

The Anti-Allergy aspect showers as an additional quality that protects your skin against the carefully marshaled metal for all the 18K Gold Bracelets.

Our Bracelets dish out an Anti-Fade quality that sterilizes and prevents fading and rusting against harsh weather conditions or multiple uses.

Types of 18k Gold Plated Bracelets

Classic Chain Bracelets: Our chain bracelets are a must-have for women of all ages who differ in tastes and preferences .They suit every style and bring out the feminine energy that hides behind a winsome look.
Delicate and dainty chains engulfing a solid  pendant like a blingy gemstone or the trendy evil eye makes a perfect minimal accessory for a casual day out
Unique Charm Bracelets: Usually made of a Sterling Silver or 18K Gold , these bracelets and their unique miniature charms aid in inviting luck and prosperity into your life. If you’d like to wear a charm bracelet, try adding personal elements to the charms that are meaningful to you like name initials, sunsigns, stones or crystals.

Designer 18k Gold Bead Bracelets: Make your style statement do the talking of your effortless beauty when you don this modishly crafted bead bracelets that not only add an oomph but attract love and belongingness to the outfit.
Uber chic, this bracelet screams Voila even when it’s donned alone or with a Gold Watch or a bunch of bangles.

Stylings Tips for 18k Gold Plated Bracelets:

Solid Coloured Outfits or Outfits with Monotone Shades or Light Pastels go best with accent and 18K Gold Bracelets.

Complementary color schemes are also great. These are colors that lay opposite each other on the wheel, and leave a contrasting effect. A teal or navy blue outfit paired with a slim 18K Gold Bracelet would look top-notch at a wedding ceremony.

Talking about sizes and breadths, something small and subtle will look amazing with outfits that are already heavily patterned. On the contrary, a chunky and wreathed bangle may suit a fairly plain saree.

How much gold is in an 18k bracelet?

An 18K Gold Plated Bracelet contains 75% of Gold Plating and 25% of Alloys of various metals.The plating consists of a thin layer of 18-karat gold over another metal, like brass or copper that forms a beautiful 

What styles are available in 18K plated gold bracelets?

18K Gold Bracelets have recently picked up pace along with minimal necklaces maximising their designs to cater to the growing needs.

Some popular styles amongst markets are Chain Bracelets , Cuff Bracelets, Mesh Bracelets , Charm Bracelets and Gemstone Bracelets.

Can 18K gold plated bracelets be worn for special occasions?

Certainly! 18k gold bracelets are versatile and suitable for various occasions. For a formal event, consider a classic yet intricate design that speaks wonders. Opt for dangling or colourful gemstone-studded bracelets for more festive and traditional occasions. A feminine or engraved bracelet can add a thoughtful touch, making it a personalized gift for special moments.

How do I clean and maintain 18K gold bracelets?

Learning how to clean an 18K gold-plated bracelet is just as important as caring for solid gold jewellery items and major damage could take place upon applying wrong cleaning techniques. Imbibe a habit of wiping your bracelet dry after each wear and cleaning nooks and corners of the item with soft bristles every month.
Store your gold-plated jewelry properly and slightly away from dense sunlight.

Are 18K gold plated bracelets safe to wear?

18K Gold Jewellery including everything from 18k Gold Rings and Earrings to 18K Gold Bracelets are extremely safe to wear due to their Anti-Allergy quality that leaves no rashes or marks on bare skin even upon wearing it for longer periods.
One can also wear these to sleep unless they possess sharp or protruding edges.

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