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 Find the Perfect Party Wear Rings for Every Occasion

What are your plans this Saturday Night? Heading towards one of the craziest bashes in town or lying low with your gang at a lonesome house? We’re sure you are waiting to subvert the banal style and waltz in like you own the floor. 

Laviscart loves to step into every occasion to make sure you don’t feel lost . Make way for Party Wear Rings, the actual showstopper . Laviscart’s fancy party wear rings are sure to make a statement and add glamour to your ensemble.


Maneuvering the internet to find the perfect party wear finger ring that ticks all your checkboxes and falls under the budget ? The thought itself tires us. Laviscart as a brand, has a detailed segregation of rings according to the price, style and colour . We provide rings that fit into various budget ranges like rings under 500, rings under 800 and rings under 1500 with no compromise in quality whatsoever. Divided by colour, our rings are either gold plated or silver plated as we firmly believe in the colour theory . Lastly, we have organised them into styles and occasions namely office rings , party wear rings and everyday rings.

While we not only look at your needs, Laviscart understands the goodness of gifting as well. Be it a birthday or an anniversary, presenting a ring needs no back-up.

 Explore Trendy Party Wear Rings

Be it an absolute midnight banger or a quiet brunch out in the sun, Laviscart will brace you up for all occasions that come your way. 

For the heavy anarkali that you have ordered to lighten up your Diwali, you will need rings for party wear that your fingers are bereft of. Full sleeves or sleeveless, your rings should not be looking empty while you are lighting up diyas this season.

Love your tasteful co-ord sets as much as you love rings. Matching your party wear rings to other accessories like party wear earrings and party wear necklaces is as important as matching your top to your bottom. Cocktail rings will be the fit of the season and command attention to your organisational skills.

Don’t worry if you don’t like experimenting with your clothes. Accessories might be your forte.Discover the timeless elegance of statement rings that don’t steal your thunder and award you the limelight 

Feeling petulant about the girls night out in the city tomorrow? Unwind with the playful charm of bohemian rings whilst you’re sharing stories the new movie you saw.

Yes , we see you tenaciously holding onto your favourite drink but what do you have there! A gemstone rings sparkling right adjacent to your sparkling champagne looks wonderful.

 Get Party-Ready Rings At Laviscart’s Dazzling Ring Collection

You’re not party ready unless you’ve put on a few jewellery pieces including party wear rings by Laviscart. 

Brimstone Ring is one of the prettiest styles created by Laviscart encapsulating a crystallized butterfly resting on top of a silver plated ring . A dazzling pick for a themed party or a New Year's Eve .

To spread love is one of the greatest gifts by God and we spread love by gifting the Angelic ring to our loved ones. 


What are some popular styles of party wear rings?

Some of the popular styles to discover for party wear rings are the timeless allure of crystallized rings, the sleek and stackable appeal of symmetrical rings, the edgy elegance of layered rings, the understated beauty of silver plated rings, and the classic sophistication of brooch rings.

 What materials are commonly used for party wear rings? 

The most commonly used material for online party wear rings are 18K gold plated and silver plated rings. They possess an Anti-Tarnish and Anti-Fade quality that withstands rough conditions. 

 Where can I find affordable party wear rings?

Although party wear rings are versatile, an office after party will call for elegant and understated styles that don’t attract attention. Cocktail and birthday parties are exigent for the fun with bolder styles. Casual dinner events can be dressed up or down.

Laviscart is the home to all types of rings that are affordable and make you want to come back for more.

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