Collection: Silver Plated Necklace

Exquisite Collection of Silver Plated Necklaces For Women

Upon the ubiquitous spread of religiously following the colour theory, ladies of this generation haven’t failed in picking a side. As the dichotomy between gold and silver jewellery digs deeper, Laviscart is taking the leap of introducing our assortment of Silver Plated Necklaces .

The Inauguration of curating silver coated necklaces goes way back in time as the pieces are originally made from solid metals like brass and copper. A skimpy layering of silver is placed on top of these moulded necklaces that result in shiny, lustrous ornaments.


Your first date night or a quick stroll on the beach demands something exclusive and you must seize the opportunity to deck our Spectre Necklace or the Moses Cinera Necklace by Laviscart to appear enigmatic.

Your first date night or a quick stroll on the beach demands something exclusive and you must seize the opportunity to deck our Spectre Necklace or the Moses Cinera Necklace by Laviscart to appear enigmatic.

If Valentine’s Day is your chance of an epic move, pick out an Endless Love necklace or Heartness Necklace from our Silver Plated Necklaces collection to secure your cherished moments.

Why Choose Silver-Plated Necklaces?

Silver Plated Necklaces are not only versatile but are highly durable, environment friendly and affordable.

Silver oxidised necklaces are highly durable and long lasting. Unlikely to break or bend, one silver plated necklace may even last you for a lifetime.

Silver plated necklaces are not the kind of jewellery pieces to burn a hole in your pocket. They are very affordable and do not require regular polishing which makes them easy to care for.

Along with being reasonably priced, silver plated necklaces do no harm to the environment. The process of plating silver necklaces is mild and benign as compared to other jewellery making procedures.

Style Guide: How to Wear Silver Plated Necklaces

An exquisite styling statement, silver plated necklaces indubitably ratifies an outfit. Majorly paired with darker and winter colors like purple, teal, and burgundy, silver-plated necklaces never fail to create a gripping contrast.

It Is also vital to determine what style suits you the best. While Laviscart offers a gargantuan range of silver-plated necklaces , you must do what your heart says. Be it a silver plated choker or a silver layered necklace, it is timeless and classic.

Evaluate your plans and compete against the vibe. If a busy corporate day lies ahead of you, opt for a simple silver-plated heart necklace. On the contrary, if it’s a girl’s night out, settle on experimenting and creating layers with silver-plated necklaces. If you’ve found your style, stick to it on every occasion rather than making a fiasco.



Is it worth it to buy silver-plated jewelry?

Silver-plated jewellery including silver-plated necklaces, earrings, and rings typically metal-based jewelry like copper or brass that undergo a thin plating of silver. The thin layer showcases a façade of genuine silverware whereas the metal acts as a strong base.

Upon desiring to adorn a traditional look while having budget constraints, silver-plated jewellery may be the best option for you.

Are silver plated necklaces worth anything?

Silver Plated Jewellery is your go-to choice if you plan on wearing your jewellery only for a while 

Silver plated necklaces often dish out as a cheaper alternative to sterling silver and are not worth too much. You can find multifarious options created in silver plating differing in design, length, size and shape. Colloquial trends include silver plated chokers and silver plated long necklaces in Rajasthani style.

Can you wear silver plated jewelry everyday?

Not really. Although silver plated necklaces and earrings are eternally beautiful, wearing them day in and day out is formidable. A constant exposure to sunlight, water and harsh chemicals may result in wear and tear as well as discoloration of the piece .

With regular wear, the thin layer of silver plated jewellery can begin to wear away, revealing the base metal underneath which may not look appealing.

Does sweat ruin silver chains?

Yes. Silver Plated Necklaces can be subjected to tarnishing and rusting especially when exposed to constant air, water, chemicals , humidity, sweat and makeup.

Your perspiration contains high levels of salt content which could result in damaging your silver plated jewellery.

How to store silver plated jewellery so it doesn’t turn black?

Upon being in contact with any harsh chemicals or substances, silver jewellery can corrode permanently.

Silver plated necklaces and jewellery pieces should be stored in air-tight containers or plastic bags with a zip top closure that creates a vestal vacuum. 

To restore the lost shine of a silver necklace, you should gently wipe the dull part with a damp cloth and a dry cloth.

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