Collection: Anti Tarnish Jewellry

Materials like stainless steel or gold plated jewellery are used to make Anti-Tarnish earrings and anti-tarnish necklaces because they are good at not tarnishing. Also, expert crafters make the latest jewellery designs with care, making sure it’s not only pretty but also lasts a long time.

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Discover the Exclusive Collection of Anti Tarnish Jewelry

Tarnish is a thin layer of corrosion that forms on the surface of metals, particularly silver and copper. It happens when the metal reacts with elements in the air, like sulfur or moisture and the best way to avoid indulging in rusted jewellery pieces is to head over to Laviscart to pick out the best....

What’s the use of purchasing gold or silver plated jewelry that is not resistant to tarnishing or fading?

Tarnish, a pesky enemy of jewelry, can strike even the most beloved pieces. But fear not, fashionistas! Anti-tarnish jewellery is here to keep your skin adorned with brilliance.

Investing in daily wear jewelry not being anti-tarnish or anti-fade may cause the earrings, necklaces or rings to lose their shine, luster and fade away with time . With Anti-Tarnish jewellery gaining fame over time, it doesn’t fade or become dull like other metals often do. This is done by using special methods like covering the Anti-Tarnish jewellery with rhodium or another thin protective layer of silicone to keep it looking shiny and new. 

 Explore Various Types of Anti-Tarnish Jewelry

Fear not, jewelry lovers! Anti-tarnish jewellery is here to save the day. But before you go out and snag one , let’s break down what exactly makes anti-tarnish jewellery your top choice and explore some of your options.

Quenching your thirst to acquire anti tarnish jewellery online is your road to beauty to Laviscart that allows you to pick and choose amongst a number of anti tarnish jewellery 

  1. Anti Tarnish Necklace

Anti-Tarnish necklaces are a good choice for people with sensitive skin, as they are less likely to cause irritation.

18K gold plated necklaces are a great option for everyday wear, as they can withstand the elements better than traditional metals 

2.Anti Tarnish Earrings

18K gold plated earrings can be worn more often without worrying about them losing their lustre. Knowing your earrings are protected gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on flaunting your style.

3. Anti Tarnish Bracelets

As we speak, anti tarnish bracelets have convened the crowd around them. 18K gold plated bracelets along with chunky watches, beaded bracelets or cuff kadas, all pieces shining brightly on your wrist.

Luckily, anti-tarnish bracelets come in a wide variety of styles to suit your taste.

4. Anti Tarnish Rings

We all love the way a beautiful ring can elevate an outfit and make us feel confident. But tarnish gets in between a beautiful piece , demolishing the shine and the sparkle from it. 18k gold plated rings will stay sparkling for years to come.

FAQ's on Anti Tarnish Jewelry

What is anti tarnish made of?

Anti tarnish jewelry is coated with protective layers, such as rhodium or lacquer, acting as a barrier between the metal and external factors. They are also often crafted from materials known for their resistance to oxidation and environmental elements. 

What is the meaning of anti tarnish?

Anti-tarnish jewelry accurately denotes certain pieces that are resistant to tarnishing or fading.They are protected with a thin layering of an external substance that prevents any dullness for a long time.

What type of jewelry does not tarnish?

Anti-Tarnish 18K gold gold-plated or silver plated jewelry is resistant to tarnish. If you want a necklace or bracelet that won’t tarnish, opt for one made from 18k gold.

What jewelry lasts the longest?

18K gold plated necklaces, silver plated rings and enameling earrings are said to last for the longest time.  Regular cleaning and polishing with a dry cloth is all that you need to keep your Anti-Tarnish jewellery as good as new.

How long does anti tarnish last?

The longevity of anti tarnish jewellery is directly proportional to factors like how often you wear it, how you care for it and your body’s ph levels.

Laviscart’s anti tarnish jewellery is built to last you for a period of 1-2 years however, it may wear due to exposure to the environment and chemical substances.

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