Collection: Valentine's Day Jewellry

Valentine's Day Jewelry Collection for Her

Love is right around the corner and Laviscart is already prepped for the same with our Valentine’s day jewellery. 

We wish all of you a very happy Valentine’s Day and hope to see love triumphing over all negative virtues. It’s the year to fall in love with your nearest ,dearest and most importantly, yourself.

Treat yourself to something special and dear to your heart that makes you feel no less than a queen. Laviscart introduces a freshly loved and cherished collection featuring Valentine’s Day jewellery that is made for the little lover girl hidden in every one of you.



Valentine’s day jewellery is your way of telling the recipient that they are precious and unique and you are glad to have them in your life. When you give your spouse, significant other, or special friend a Valentine’s Day gift of jewellery, you make them feel cherished and loved. 

Valentine’s Day jewellery for your wife or girlfriend is always a good idea . Amongst Laviscart’s kaleidoscopic Valentine’s Day gift collection, you will evermore find something that she would love to adorn.

Types of Gifts for Valentine’s Day

With so many choices available at a click to you, we would be as confused. Over the past few years, lovers have gotten interestingly innovative. Whilst candies and flowers have been mused and used , none of us are afraid to go overboard.

Exciting proposals, meticulously picked jewellery or calming getaways are no more scarce thoughts .

In a world where receipts of love are advancing, Valentine’s Day jewellery is waltzing cozily to luminate across hearts.

Heart shaped earrings taking the form of hoops, safety pins or danglers, couples twinning with rings as one completes another or layered necklaces with initial and engravings that stay immensely close to the heart.

Latest Trends for Valentine’s day jewellery

If you’re a jewellery connoisseur, you ought to know what rules the market.

Trends come and go but Laviscart has learnt to keep up with everything in vogue.

Diamond jewellery has been associated with elegance , luxury and classicality. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend which results in them being the perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day.

Minimal Necklaces because the season screams minimalism. Valentine’s Day jewellery is all about minimalistic necklace with chic pendants or symmetric designs that go well with all looks. Clasping a Laviscart necklace lock for your loved one maybe your wholesome moment this Valentines.
18K Gold Plated Rings and 18k Gold Plated Bracelets are also a modish sight for the hands. To stack a layer of rings and bracelets on your fingers and wrists before stepping out for a date is a religiously followed ritual.

Valentine’s Day Jewelry Choices

Not only Laviscart offers multifarious options to pick from but also budget friendly alternatives that don’t burn your pockets .

Our favourite part of Valentine’s Day isn’t about how much time or money your partner spent or where they got the piece of jewelry — it’s about seeing their face glow up whenever you open the box of jewellery. 

One of our personal favourites is the Valentine’s Day Special Love Own Necklace and Nizami Ring that sells out like no other. Laviscart jewellery labels out as apt and affordable with no compromise on quality or effiency.


Is jewelry good for Valentine’s Day?

Studies say that 35% of women around the globe prefer to be asked out for Valentine’s Day Dinner whereas 30% of them prefer to be gifted a piece of their favourite Valentine’s Day jewellery.

In the era “Who needs a Valentine?”, be the secret admirer that goes down on one knee, a ring in your hand and pop the question,”Be mine?”.

What are popular types of jewelry for Valentine’s Day?

Traditions aren’t what make a day special, it’s the efforts that do. Jewelry is the embodiment of romance, and one option you can never go wrong with gifting to express how deep your love goes on Valentine’s Day.

Necklaces, Bracelets , Rings and Earrings rank highest in the list of the most popular gifts to be presented to women.

How can I choose the right piece of jewelry for my partner?

Making wise decisions while choosing jewellery is vital. It’s best to know what would be the perfect valentine’s day jewellery gifts for her by knowing her style and aesthetics. Find out what her favorite crystal is and see if she prefers silver or gold. The more you know about her style, the easier it’ll be to find that just-right piece she’ll adore .

What are some unique jewelry gift ideas for Valentine’s Day?

It’s no lie when they say jewellery is a woman’s best friend . Every woman needs to be showered with lots of love this Valentine’s Day. To gently sweep her off her feet, gifts don’t have to be profligate but unique . A Valentine’s Day Promise Ring that vows to retain the bond for years to come or a Valentine’s Heart Necklace that betokens sharing of a piece of your heart .

What are the best types of bracelets for Valentine’s Day gifts?

Once you set the mood to get your hands on the best valentine’s day jewellery for her, it is time to look for the classiest options available in the market . Rings have now taken a backseat and bracelets are down to rule. Following the trends, it is analysed that men have been rummaging the markets to get Cuff Kadas, Pearl Bracelets and Valentine’s Charm Bracelets.

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